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First Batch of Entries is up!!

Hey Guys, Ventorian here submitting my very first journal! Wooo!!! It only took me a year and a half is all ^^'.

Now not only is this my first journal but it is also a special one, because you see it involves Money!!! Err i mean a contest!!!

That's right, thanks to the magic of tax returns i've got a few extra dollars laying around the i want to give away, and what better way than an art contest?

Well i'm not one for Big Complicated Explanations so i'll keep things simple, the rules of the contest are as follows.

1.I will Provide a list of Ocs of mine ----> That Would Be This List Here <---- And you have to draw one or more of them with one or a few of your own, whether they are Furries, Ponies, Ferals, or Potatoes, it's all fair game ^^ so pick your favorite

2.What goes on in the picture is completely up to you! I won't be providing descriptions for my littles guys except their names, i wanna see what you come up with on your own X3. However i do ask that you keep the content SFW and try not to do any extreme shipping with any character that is Taken.

3.And this is a Big one, Until the contest is over please do not post your picture anywhere on DA, or add a watermark or signature linking it to an artist, the reason why will become obvious in the How to Enter section~

And that's all for the Rules, pretty simple right? But anyways on to the entry conditions

How To Enter

1.If you want to enter please post the phrase "I would like to enter" Down below followed by your favorite fruit~ And only comment once please except in the Other Comments Section.

2.Once you have finished your entry please send me a note containing the pic with the header "My Entry For The Contest" And i will place your entry in random order in a special contest folder in my stash, don't worry they aren't going anywhere X3

And that's it for that, no rules about having to watch me or spread the journal~ Though you may want to and the reason is...


On to the best part, The Reward!! Now i've never liked how contests force people to watch the artist or spread the journal around to enter, i know it's silly of me but it's just how i feel about it, so instead i thought i would give a reason for you to do it yourself!! And that reason is Reward Tiers.

Now i'm not some super amazing artist, if you couldn't tell by my abysmal gallery heh, so instead i'm offering Cash Monies as the prize, and as a twist the more people enter the more delicious cash will be given out!!

To start out there will be 3 prizes given out, 1st 2nd and 3rd place of course~ for just if a few people enter, and will go up the more people join in ^^

Entries<10= 1st-20$/1600pts   2nd-10$/800pts   3rd-5$/400pts

Entries>9= 1st-30$/2800pts   2nd-20$/1600pts   3rd-10$/800pts

Entries>19= 1st-50$/4000pts   2nd-30$/2800pts   3rd-20$/1600pts

Prize money can be paid via paypal or points, whichever you like


If the impossible should happen, and we get 30 or more entries, then i will add a special Grand Prize Picked by me personally

Entries>29= Extra Grand Prize 100$/8000pts

Extra Info 

Now in the interest of fairness i'm letting anyone join this contest, if you are my best friend, worst enemy or complete stranger you can join in. And furthermore, just so there is no favoritism, i won't be choosing the winners~ Except the Grand Prize winner that is, if there even is one, heh i wish.

You can do any kind of picture, traditional, digital, painting, or even using a base Though you will need to include the base credit link in your note to me so i can stick it on your pic if that's the case~

And That's all i have to say really, i can't wait to see who joins (if anyone does lol) and the creativity they can unleash! Oh and the link to the contest entries will be posted at the bottom of this journal, when there are any ^^

                                                                                    ----------->Current Entries<----------- (9/30)


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